Marlene Marker

Soon after moving to Texas in 1968, Marlene Marker established one of the first record retrieval companies in the state. Building on its numerous successes, she eventually expanded her operations to provide services to law firms across the United States. Under her leadership as an owner and Chief Executive Officer, The Marker Group has grown by more than 200 percent in the past decade to become a major player in the litigation support industry.

"The Marker Group strives to deliver what our clients want, when they want it," Marlene says. "That is why we choose to specifically recruit people who have a 'can do' attitude and a problem-solving aptitude. My entire staff understands what client service is all about."

While the growth in class action and toxic tort litigation has resulted in increased competition in litigation support services, Marlene believes that to compete on price alone is to ignore the vitally important service component.

"Many of the litigation support functions can be done by any number of companies, but it is the combination of our staff longevity, operational procedures and rapidly advancing technology that sets our level of service apart from the others. This is how we deliver unsurpassed customer service while saving our clients money and increasing their productivity. This is how we have built relationships with our clients that have lasted for years."